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One of the first things to consider if you want to learn to drive is where to find a good driving instructor. If you are a Shirley resident, and are in need of a professional instructor at a driving school of the highest quality, you might consider learning to drive from Andy.


Andy runs one of the most popular driving schools in Shirley, which is in the county of Solihull in the UK. In fact, Andy's driving school is one of the most popular driving schools in Shirley. The popularity of Andy's driving school can be attributed to the fact that Andy is a top notch professional instructor. The driving lessons at his school allow students to gain first hand driving experience in a variety of road conditions, and in a friendly and safe environment. When you enroll yourself in Andy's driving school, you will not only learn to drive, but you will be taught to drive like a professional.

On completion of your driving lessons at Andy's driving school in Shirley, you will be set to pass your driving exams with confidence. In fact, most students who learn to drive from Andy's driving school do exceptionally well both in the theory test and practical driving tests. The reason for such good performance in both the theory test and the practical test can be attributed to the fact that Andy imparts this information to his students in a no pressure, safe, and easy to understand manner.

In his driving school, Andy offers driving lessons through various types of courses. This enables you to learn to drive by choosing a course that is appropriate for you in accordance with your work schedule. Andy is very accommodating and will also change the schedule of the driving lessons in accordance with your requirements if needed.

There are a variety of courses available at Andy's driving school. Pass plus is available for those who want improve their driving skills to the point that they can handle any and all situations they are likely to encounter on the roads. These are courses that teach students how to drive above and beyond what is needed for the theory and practical tests. Because the pass plus courses elevate the drivers ability beyond that of the average persons, many insurance companies take this special training and ability into account, and will lower your rates due to your expert driving ability.

If you are in a situation that requires you to quickly learn to drive, you can choose to enroll in one of the crash courses that are offered at Andy's driving school. These crash courses have been specially designed for those of you who tend to be very busy with work. Andy's driving school in Shirley also offers refresher courses. If you have taken driving lessons before and already learned to drive, but are not too sure about your current driving skills, you can enroll in a refresher course. The refresher courses at his driving school are ideal for those of you who have not driven for quite some time, and who need a refresher course get back into the swing of things.

Andy is a member of the Andy1st driving school franchise. At all franchise schools there is an emphasis on safety and this means that all of the driving school cars are equipped with appropriate safety equipment. As a result all cars in this driving school are dual control cars. A dual control car allows your driving instructor, Andy, to have as much control over the car as the students.

So if you are looking for good driving instructor in Shirley, get in touch with Andy and learn to drive from a caring professional.



Driving should be a pleasurable experience and that is what we aim to achieve as well as getting you to your goal, from learner driver to NEW DRIVER!

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All Andy1st instructors use dual-control vehicles and our instructor cars are replaced every 3 years with a brand new car, to give learners a smooth, reliable drive. In the unlikely event there are any problems with the car, it will be replaced within 24 hours making sure you don't miss any tuition or, even worse, your test.

Not only are all Andy1st instructors DSA approved, they also take a friendly patient approach to teaching you to drive. We believe the more you can relax the more you can learn. And if you enjoy your lessons, you'll build up your confidence and your driving skills more quickly.

Andy1st driving school now offers tuition in Automatic Cars! Please phone for more details 0121 603 8956 or 077 077 27 900

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